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The Kitchen is exceedingly well equipped, a complete home from home with gas range cooker, fridge/freezer, microwave, toaster and coffee pod machine.

The utility room has a sink, washing machine, tumble dryer, and extra fridge/freezer. 

There is plenty of crockery and cutlery to cater for any visitors you may have during your stay.

Below you will find an inventory of the Kitchen. Everything is provided for apart from your food!


8 Large Tumblers

10 Small Tumblers

10 Plain Tumblers

17 Liqueur Glasses

15 Champagne Glasses

23 Wine Glasses

9 Glass Ramekins


White Crockery

11 Egg Cups

8 Cups & 8 Saucers

Teapot, Milk Jug & Sugar Bowl Set

17 Mugs

18 Cereal Bowls 14.5 cm

19 Plates 20 cm, 21 Plates 26 cm

2 Deep Soufflé Dishes 19.5 cm

2 Small Oval Vegetable Dishes 24.5 cm

2 Oblong Vegetable Dishes 28 x 21 cm

1 Oblong Vegetable Dish 33 cm x 28 cm

1 Oval Carving Dishes 36 cm

1 Oval Carving Dish 46 cm

1 Oval Vegetable Dish 40 cm

1 Oval Vegetable Dish 33 cm

2 Small Oval Pie Dishes


2 x 24 cm Covered Pyrex Casserole Dishes

1 x 21 cm Pyrex Casserole Dish

1 Oblong Pyrex Roasting Dish 31 Cm

1 Round Vegetable Dish

Stainless Steel Ice Crusher

Garlic Bread Dish

1 Cheese Graters

Large Lily Pattern Sandwich Tray

Pewter Sandwich Tray with wood handle.

Wicker Bread Basket

Sugar bowl

Jam Pot

Olive Dish

Cow Mustard Pot

Stainless Steel Kettle, Toaster and Bread Bin

Stainless Steel Tea, Coffee and Sugar Holders

2 Toast Racks

Wooden Bread Board & Glass Chopping Board

2 Trays

Set of 6 Plastic Childrens’ Plates, 9 Dishes, and 5 Mugs

Microwave Bottle Steriliser

2 sets of Children’s Cutlery and various spoons

2 Toddler Drinking Mugs

Various plastic containers


12 Cloverleaf Black and Gold Place Mats and Coasters

Salt & Pepper Mills

Napkin Holder

Wood Nut Bowl

Terracotta Wine Cooler

Stainless Steel Banana and Fruit Basket

Stainless Steel Kitchen Roll Holder

Knife Block,

Mug Holder and 3 Glass Cafetiere Mugs

Cookworks Filter Coffee Maker

2 Pastry Cutters

Suki Enamel Tea Pot

1 White Pint Milk Jug

1 Ikea Large White Jug

1 Ikea Large Glass Jug

Glass Spaghetti Jar

Round Cake Tin

Square Plastic Cake Holder

Kenwood Food Mixer & Accessories, including Liquidiser

Cookwork Scales

Lettuce Spinner

Russell Hobbs Hand Whisk

John Lewis Hand Blender

Large Sieve

4 Pyrex Mixing Bowls

2 Litre Plastic Measuring Jug

1 Pint Plastic Measuring Jug

Cheese Grater


2 Enamel Casseroles, 1 Oval, 1 Round

2 Frying Pans

2 Large Ikea Saucepans and 2 Medium Ikea Saucepans, casserole style

1 Kitchen Kraft Steamer Set – Pan and 2 Steamers

1 Professional Choice Wok with Glass Lid

2 Ikea Long Handle Saucepans

1 Solingen Saucepan without lid

1 Solingen Deep Frying Pan without lid


2 x 12 Patty Tin

4 Plastic Chopping Boards, 1 Large,3 Small

2 Flat Roasting Tins

3 Deep Roasting Tins 43 cm 47 cm and 24 cm

2 Baking Sheets

2 Cake Tins

1 Cake Cooling Rack

Rangemaster roasting tin with rack and door holder

1 Rangemaster Griddle



14 Large Knives & 14 Small Knives

15 Large Forks & 14 Small Forks

17 Large Spoons and 14 Dessert Spoons

25 Teaspoons

8 Egg Spoons

6 Tablespoons

8 Steak Knives

2 Vegetable Knives

1 Cleaver

8 Carving Knives

1 Steel and 1 Carving Fork

Ice Cream Scoop

Cake Slice

1 Small Sieve

2 Can Openers

2 Vegetable Peelers

Garlic Press

3 Wooden Spoons,

Set of metal Measuring Spoons

2 Pairs Scissors

2 Bottle Openers


Pasty Brush

Set of 7 Cooking Utensils plus 2 Fish Slices, Large Spoon & Slotted Spoon


Plastic Baster

Champagne Stopper

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